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Pocket & Folding Knives Australia

Present knives from the world's finest makers!



Welcome to Classic Pocketknives, our pocket knife and folding knives range

include many from Italy Italian knifeand France French knife made in the French and Italian traditions.

Our knife range includes examples from the U.S.A.usa knife, Germany German knife, Japan Japanese knives,

Peoples Republic of China knives made in china


HartkopfFreidrich Hartkopf From Solingen in Germany of centre of knife making excellence for more than 100 years, each blade individually hand forged.


Forge de LaguioleForge de Laguiole From the Aubrac region of France are made by

craftsman to the highest standards using only the very best materials. Forge de Laguiole


Chambriard Chambriard

Located in Thiers,this family company has been in production since 1880.



Laguiole en Aubrac

Laguiole en Aubrac From the Aubrac region of France makers of Laguiole and Regional French knives.

laguiole knives






Claude Dozorme

Claude Dozorme Behind the Claude Dozorme trade mark, lies a family cutlery firm born in 1902, based in Thiers, the French cutlery capital.

Claude Dozorme





Fox knives

Fox knives from Italy

have been manufacturing since 1977

and combine tradition with technology

FOX knife







techniques that the master knifemakers of Scarperia

Consigli knife







Kershaw of USA, made to the highest standards

of manufacturing and materials

.Kershaw knife





BuckBuck 110


Buck Knives

The world famous maker made in the U.S.A.

The Buck 110 is the most copied in the world.




BokerBoker Knives

Our range includes the famous Boker brand.

This German manufacturing company has been crafting cutlery of the highest quality for over 100 years.


boker knife



Puma Knives


Puma, famous German manufacturer since 1769,

Solingen has the highest reputation for quality steel production in knives. Puma Knife







ViperViper / Tecnocut

Founded in 1987 under the brand Viper, its mission

has been to shape high quality products combining advanced

technology in manufacturing processes with

crafting tradition and skills


viper knife



See how our pocket knives are made youtube


Classic Pocketknives are based in Melbourne, Australia.




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